Connectx-6 DX SRIOV ESXI Trust mode?


I am setting-up a fortigate VM on esxi 7.0u3 on top of a dell R650.
I have enable SRIOV in firmware, drivers, server bios…
I see all the VF available, dpdk running fine. I need to use 1 VF to carry multiple VLANs and this does not work. When I use 1 VF per vlan it is working. I have seen some documentation (including from Fortinet) talking about the necessity to enable “Trust mode” and to disable “spoof check” on the VF. All examples are with intel nics though, I cannot find similar commands for mellanox connectx-6.

Is thre such options for Mellanox?

I have dell Mellanox Connectx6-DX with driver and FW 22.32.2004.


NV HCA have setting for VGT/VGT+ which allow vlan tag from VF or Switch. But it is for linux. ESXi should has it’s own setting for guest/switch tag. That not control by NV. You can check with VMWARE.

Thnaks for your answer, Yes I saw that guide but it is only for Linux. I cannot find such commands for ESX.
In the fortinet guide they instruct how to do it with the intel driver from vmware cli:

esxcli intnet sriovnic vf set -s false -t true -v -n

So there might also be something to do with the mellanox driver

There is no vlan limit on NV driver parameters,


Thnaks, I got it working by removing all vnic from the vm and recreating them…

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