ConnectX-6 Dx using SR-IOV and 802.1q

This is likely a quick and easy question that I can’t seem to find a concise answer to… The literature suggests SR-IOV and 802.1q are features that should work, and there is no reference to interactions, but…

Do ConnectX-6 Dx, when in SR-IOV mode, support VMs sending 802.1q tagged packets via the VFs? And if so, are there particular firmware versions or adapter settings that need to be configured beyond the basic SR-IOV setup?

I’m seeing a case where it looks like the adapter is dropping the packets sent by the VM. Similarly, packets from the switch seem to vanish after heading towards the card. I’m working in a remote enviornment, so getting a sniffer in the middle to validate this is a bit tricky, so even a simple “No, this doesn’t work” or “Yes, it should work, I use it…” should be enough to let me know if its worth spending time playing with it.

There also appears to be some [old] language about enabling trust on the VFs, but no clear way to enable it with VMWare.

Hi Brian,

When running ETH ports on VGT, the ports may be configured to simply pass through packets as is from VFs (VLAN Guest Tagging), or the administrator may configure the Hypervisor to silently force packets to be associated with a VLAN/Qos (VLAN Switch Tagging).
Please refer to below link for more details:


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