Using QinQ on OpenStack Train SRIOV VFs

Hi all,

our setup: RedHat OpenStack OSP16.1 (Train), HPE-branded CX-4 ethernet-only NICs.

Trying to allow VMs to do VLAN tagging, along the lines of , the Neutron network is created as a regular SRIOV network, eg. the VF has a VLAN tag attached to it.


  • ping from the network router arrives in the VM in the correct VLAN
  • the reply from the VM never arrives on the network
  • ping initiated on VM is also never seen on the network

The “seen on the network” is with a span-session on the port where the SRIOV NIC is connected

Wondering if anyone has got this working specifically on CX4? I’ve already taken this up with RH and they tested this with CX5 and they have no issues…

Thanks for any feedback/ideas/…


Hello Jan,

Thank you for posting your inquiry to the Mellanox Community.

For HPE adapter support, you will need to engage HPE.

Best regards,

Mellanox Technical Support