ConnectX-2 EN and SR-IOV on ESXi 5.5

I’ve been using a number of ConnectX-2 EN cards between different ESXi 5.5 hosts and I know that the latest drivers state that SR-IOV is in beta and can be enabled by modifying the .ini in an oem firmware flash.

That being said, no Mellanox cards appear in the VMWare Compatibility Matrix.

Has anyone tried enabling SR-IOV on ConnectX-2 cards?


How can I enable SRIOV on ConnectX-2 adapters on Centos 7?

I’m trying MFT packages 3.6 - 4.8 versions but got errors

[root@kvm ~]# mlxconfig -d /dev/mst/mt26448_pciconf0 q

Device #1:

Device type: ConnectX2

PCI device: /dev/mst/mt26448_pciconf0

-E- Failed to query device: /dev/mst/mt26448_pciconf0. Device not supported.


It is in beta stages, I do not think it is going to be GA on ConnectX-2 adapters or going to be in the support matrix, but things might change.

To enable it you will need to modify your firmware configuration file with SRIOV support - “SRIOV_EN = 1” using the MFT package