Where can I get custom firmware on a network adapter MCX312B-XCCT ?

PS C:\Program Files\Mellanox\WinMFT> .\mlxup --query

Querying Mellanox devices firmware …

Device #1:

Device Type: ConnectX3

Part Number: MCX342A-XCC_Ax

Description: ConnectX-3 EN NIC for OCP;10GbE;dual-port SFP+;PCIe3.0 x8;IPMI disabled;R6

PSID: MT_1680110023

PCI Device Name: mt4099_pci_cr0

Port1 MAC: 0002c9be274e

Port2 MAC: 0002c9be274f

Versions: Current Available

FW 2.42.5000 N/A

PXE 3.4.0752 N/A

UEFI 14.11.0045 N/A

Site http://www.mellanox.com/page/custom_firmware_table - do not work. I saw a file ConnectX3Pro-rel-2_42_6000-web.tgz in the forums which contains the necessary fw-ConnectX3Pro-rel.mlx file for make custom firmware with 2.42.5000 version. Or I messed up something?

Where can I get ConnectX3Pro-rel-2_42_6000-web.tgz file?

Manual https://docs.mellanox.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=12007094 says Connectix-3 is capable of 126 vfs

mlxconfig -d mt4099_pciconf0 s SRIOV_EN=1 NUM_OF_VFS=126

Device #1:

Device type: ConnectX3

Device: mt4099_pciconf0

Configurations: Next Boot New

SRIOV_EN True(1) True(1)

NUM_OF_VFS 62 126

Apply new Configuration? (y/n) [n] : y

Applying… Failed!

-E- Failed to set configuration: illegal SRIOV parameter value. Maximal number of VFs: 63

How enable 126 vfs sriov ports ?

Hi Michael,

The ‘mget_temp -d /dev/mst/mt4099_pciconf0’ output provides indication of the junction temperature and not the adapter temperature

It should be under 105°C , in this case 55/60 are normal temperatures .



Hi Michael,

Please note that Mellanox is not supporting Customize firmware anymore.

We only support certified and tested firmware versions published on our website.

The reason related to debugging issues, as we will not be able to test and debug failure at

customers site/server if he is using a customized firmware.



Well, OK. Then how to set the number of sriov vfs to 126, as stated in the specification?

Current firmware 2.42.5000 has a limit of 63 vfs sriov, or 31 for each of the two ports.

Hi Michael,

ConnectX-3 VPI adapter cards supports up to 126 virtual instances called Virtual Functions (VFs)

Although, for ConnectX-3 EN supports MAX 63 VF’s



Unexpectedly, but, this is a simplification of the task, because no need to beg for the necessary firmware!

Many would like to see similar details somewhere (like the number of VFs, or the maximum HCA temperature) for each model! Your specifications are similar to those for washing machines, to be honest.

By the way, what is the maximum working temperature of the MCX312B-XCCT HCA chip?

C:\Program Files\Mellanox\WinMFT> mget_temp -d mt4099_pciconf0


59 degrees Celsius. Is this the norm?

Thank you for the answers. May I ask the last question that I cannot find the answer to?

If I use all 63 VFs as SR-IOV, how much is left for VMQ technology?

For example, the Intel X540 shares all of its 64 VFs. Those, if you allocate 50 VFs under SR-IOV, 14 remains for VMQ. In another example, the Intel X710 has simultaneously 64 SR-IOV and 256 VMQ.

What about this SR-IOV/VMQ for devices like Connectix-3 EN and Connectx-4Lx (HPE 640FLR-SFP28)? Thank you in advance for your answers.

Hi Michael,

I suggest to review the following section from MLNX_OFED user manual “SR-IOV”




That’s right, as I said, not a single word about VMQ technology, only SR-IOV.