Using cuda debugger in complex multithteaded software

Hi Guys I’m using cuda debugger with attach or launch option inside visual code on Ubuntu Linux, my software is a Java spring boot software that uses cuda C/c++ shared object via JNI in conjunction also with jcuda .After some checks on how to configure both eclipse with cuda plugin and visual studio code i can effectively debugger but the default debugger behavior is to stop at each thread taking control that in an application with plenty of thread launched is quite annoying. Is there a way to configure the debugger to stop only at breakpoints? Thanks!!

Hello, thanks for reaching out!

Can you elaborate more on the use case here? What message are you seeing when the debugger has reported a stop event?

Mostly blocked thread are reporting to be blocked on SIGSEV signals, do i have to mask those in some way? Is there some “best choice” on how to configure the cuda-gdb + ide with the cuda code being loaded in a linux shared object or windows dll via jni ? Thank you for the support.