nsight eclips problems

I am trying to debug my code in nsight eclips edition that is included in CUDA 5 toolkit and I get following error when I click debug button :
“Error in final launch sequence
Connection is shut down”

I appreciate any help on this.

and here is a screen shot :

Thank you for your report. We are looking into this issue.

Thank you for your bug report. We will fix this issue in the upcoming release but for now you will need to edit cuda-gdb shell script. The first line should be “#!/bin/sh” - by mistake we put that line in the middle of the script.

Hello,I am using cuda 5.5 and linux and I have the same issue.

The problem is though that there is no cuda-gdb file…

The only file I have is cuda-gdbserver.

Something I can do?

(Note that " I can’t " download the nvdia toolkit because my linux distribution (Sabayon) doesn’t suppport rmp or deb).I have installed cuda through repositories.


You need to contact repository maintainers and report broken CUDA toolkit package.

I am using cuda 5.5 on a linux-based machine with a GeForce GTX780.
Actually, I need to develop and debug my cuda app by a remote mac. I read the docs provided by nvidia, but when I launch the debugger from nsight (on the mac) I got the same error:

“Error in final launch sequence
Connection is shut down”

gdb traces:
688,615 1-gdb-set cuda break_on_launch none
688,619 2-gdb-set cuda software_preemption on

Thank you in advance for the help,