Failed to launch debugger in Eclipse

I am working with Eclipse 2022 and CUDA-11.6 plugin and I am able to run a simple code. However, when I start the debugger, I get this error:

Error in services launch sequence
Timed out trying to launch GDB.

An internal error occurred during: "Start GDB Process Job".

'java.lang.String[] com.nvidia.cuda.debug.ui.launch.CudaBackend.getDebuggerCommandLine()'

Maybe the cuda-gdb has not been properly defined although I have installed the plugin.
In the following setting page, when I click “Make cuda-gdb and NVIDIA profiler as default launchers”, nothing happens (no feedback). So, I assume the cuda-gdb is correctly attached to Eclipse.

Any idea about that?

Same problem here. I’m doing a proof of concept trying to run Eclipse in WSL2 - so a brand new install. Also have moved from the old integrated NSight Eclipse to the newer “standard Eclipse with plugins”.

I’m wondering if it is an issue with the latest build of Eclipse?

I’ve checked the directory for cuda-gdb, and that is correct. Initially I was missing this directory from my path.

Watching for replies :-)

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The CUDA debugger class com.nvidia.cuda.debug.ui.launch.CudaBackend is a child class of org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.gdb.service.GDBBackend that uses a deprecated method ‘getDebuggerCommandLine()’. This method was removed in Eclipse 2022-12 (“Eliminate deprecated GDBBackend methods for CDT 11”: Eliminate deprecated GDBBackend methods for CDT 11 (#112) · eclipse-cdt/cdt@1590791 · GitHub).

Therefore, the latest usable version for the Nsight plugin is Eclipse 2022-09 so far (CUDA 12.1).

Thanks for the detailed bug report, Arnis. We’ve filed a defect against our plugins to address the use of the now-dropped getDebuggerCommandLine() method.