Using ethernet and RDMA simultaneously

Hello, is there any possibilities to use ethernet and RDMA simultaneously on Mellanox Infiniband network cards?

If not, is possible to use ethernet and SR-IOV simultaneously?

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If you have a VPI card, you can configure one port as Ethernet and one port as InfiniBand.

You should have MFT package installed on the host (should be installed by default if you have MLNX_OFED driver, if not you can download it from our website).

  1. Run mst start
  2. Run mst status -v to get the mst device
  3. Run mlxconfig -d set LINK_TYPE_P1= LINK_TYPE_P2=

The protocol types are:

Port Type 1 = IB

Port Type 2 = Ethernet

For example:

mlxconfig -d /dev/mt4121_pciconf0 set LINK_TYPE_P1=2 LINK_TYPE_P2=2

Regarding the second questions - it is possible to use Ethernet and SR-IOV simultaneously.

Please refer the below article.

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