Card's port type is unintentionally changed


hello. I am using various mellanox connect-x6 vpi cards.
If you reboot the device that has Ethernet mode set, some devices will change to InfiniBand mode.
any resources that can help with this issue?

Hello sspitare,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the NVIDIA Networking Community.

For configuring the port types to Ethernet mode on a device, use the mlxconfig utility which is part of the MFT package, available at Mellanox Firmware Tools (MFT)

  1. Install the MFT package based on your OS.
  2. Run “mst start”
  3. To retrieve the device name, run “mst status -v”; this will display the devices in your system.
  4. Execute the following command with the appropriate device name:
    mlxconfig -d set LINK_TYPE_P1=2 LINK_TYPE_P2=2
    5.Reboot the system (or) execute mlxfwreset, -d reset
    mlxfwreset (Mellanox firmware reset) tool enables the user to load updated firmware without having to reboot the machine.
  5. To verify → mlxconfig -d query | grep -i link_type

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~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support

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