Using GPIO as an IRQ line


I am trying to use gpio 160 (GPIO_PU0) as the IRQ for a device driver, which maps to physical pin 40 on J3A2. I think the driver is having issues related to interrupt handling. The kernel logs show it is requesting IRQ 337. Does anyone know how I can verify that GPIO_PU0 maps to the IRQ number 337? I have the Technical Reference Manual but don’t see anything related to IRQ under 8.12.38 PINMUX_AUX_GPIO_PU0_0.

How to enable GPIO_PU0 interrupt is described in 8.11, not related to PINMUX_AUX_GPIO_PU0, could you please post the logs of requesting IRQ 337 here? Thanks.

Hello, John_PrizmLabs:
You can check the function ‘gpio_to_irq’ in kernel source code for reference.