Using nvfortran/pgf90 objects in the project compiled by ifort

Hello everyone,

I have a large project, the makefile of which uses ifort, I would not like to remake everything for the nvfortran or pgf90 compilers, however, I have separate objects that are built by means pgf90/nvfortran, the subroutines of which can speedup my program by using gpu. How can I use these objects in the main project?


pgf90/nvfortran -c file_1.cuf
pgf90/nvfortran -c file_2.cuf (which uses file_1)
ifort -c main.f90
ifort file_1.o file_2.o main.o

Hi Andrey_K,

For the most part objects created by different Fortran compilers are not interoperable. In particular, array descriptors and modules will be in different formats. Using F77 style APIs or a C bridge between the files (i.e no F90 features) would be the only way to get it work.

Probably easier to rebuild with nvfortran.