Using "SimulatePreemption TDR" to force TDR crash to be able to play


I have a problem which is happening to quite a lot of people, that is crashing video card drivers, be it nvidia or ati

Most people suggest that it’s supposed to be solved by adding these keys to registry

It happens mostly when playing games (or anything using directx 3d), such crash can happen after a few minutes or after 50 minutes, it’s random. After doing research what other people come up with and many tests I go with following values


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






"BreakOnAssertion "=dword:00000001


which make the crash not crashing whole computer (that is turning off output to monitor so you need to pull power plug out), now game crashes and I get black screen for a few seconds, then “nvidia drivers stopped working” message and then I have to restart game again. Specific thing is that such crash happens only once (in one computer restart life so to speak) and then I can play for hours. So it forces me to go through this routine - I run game for first time and then I wait for first crash sort of not doing anything in the game and then play game properly after running it again after crash, which obviously sucks totally. It says in docs above that such crash can be forced by using this function

SimulatePreemption TDR - SimulatePreemption TDR | Microsoft Docs

so I thought maybe somebody would be that kind to make a small program which does just that? It is beyond my skillset. I could just run it before playing any game and have this whole stupid waiting out. That would be a godsend for many people who have this superannoying problem. Thanks in advance!

does anybody have a clue if that’s possible?