Vertical applications and links based on CUDA

There is a list of some results and links to software for various vertical applications based on CUDA at:

We are particularly interested in more CUDA software in these verticals. So, please post your links to CUDA software on this thread.


hope that our 3D Particle Boltzmann solver fits to your CFD. We may surely provide some additional information if you need. It is already on CUDA zone:…af-0800200c9a66

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Here is our new application which is using CUDA. It has been released recently:



We have a High quality cloth engine, of which multiple parts have been ported to cuda.



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GPU-BBSort: an efficient sorting implementation with CUDA…aspx?pointid=19


We have made a high-performance Kohonen neural network which is tightly integrated with a PostgreSQL database.
We can index data based on the output of the neural network and we can access the neural network from hundreds of database connections via SQL at the same time.
The entire Kohonen neural network stuff is CUDA based.

Depending on population of the internal space matrixes we see speed gains varying from 5x to 100x.


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We implemented Cuda in our financial application “Zonar” which is a Client/server solution for large institutions and broker/dealers.
Cuda is used in the area of theoretical pricing of various instruments like futures, baskets and options. As well in the risk-management and portfolio management modules of the program.

Zonar with Cuda implementation
as well as on theCuda zone:
Cuda Zone showcase

I found here Wireless Security Auditor from Elcomsoft very interesting. wondering why this was still missing in the list here…

I ma sorry, what is “vertical” appliaction? What is purpose of this thread? Is it about tesla?

The term means software packages that are designed for a particular industry such as banking, insurance or manufacturing. So very specialized stuff for experts.