VGT+ and VLAN connectivity on DPDK19.11

Noticed that using ConnectX-5 or ConnectX-6 LX on VGT+ and DPDK19.11 application, cannot communicate on VLANs that are allowed based on VGT+ configuration.
If disable VGT+ the VLAN communication works fine.

Are you aware of any related issue?

Hi Alex,

Assuming that you are configuring VGT+ using the “ip” command according to the OFED guide:
ip link set dev vf vlan <vlan_id> [qos ]

DPDK doesn’t know about this configuration.

If you’d like to send/receive tagged traffic with DPDK, you can either use “vlan add” or rte_flow push/pop rules.

For more info please take a look at testpmd examples:

Best Regards,

Thank you very much.
We are going to follow the suggested solution.