Video card no PCI-E 16x slots after Tesla install

Hi everyone,

I have two PCI-E 16x slots on my motherboard and want to intall two Teslas into them.

Thus, I have only PCI and PCI-E 1x slots free. Is there modern nVidia video card which suit one of these slots and is compatible with Tesla drivers?

Thanks in advance.

PS there is no onboard adapter on my motherboard :(.

I’ve looked in web - IMU Quadro NVS 280, 285 and 440 are applicable here. Am I right?

There are a lot PCI video cards available with Geforce 5/6/7 Chips - you don’t have to buy a Quadro card. For example the Club 3D 6200 (in Germany available for less than 50 Euros):

A list of Forceware 169.21 compatible cards is available under

Since XP supports multi-monitoring with video cards from different chip manufacturers any non-Nvidida card should work, too.

Are you sure this works? Past posts in the forums have said that you can’t mix drivers from multiple manufacturers in Windows XP, so the secondary card needs to be NVIDIA.