Can Tesla C1060 work with graphics cardd that use non-nvidia Graphics chipset?

I have a Tesla C1060 plugged on Dell Precision 470 and the motherboard has only one PCI-X available left.
It is found that Tesla C1060 cannot work with Quadro 280PCI and 400PCI because of drvier version conflict.
It is difficlut to buy PCI gaphics card use chipset later than FX5200/FX5500.

So I think maybe there will no driver confilict if I use a PCI graphics card that made by non-nvidia Graphics chipset.
Then I bought a Matrox G450 PCI.
Both the drvier of G450 PCI and Tesla C1060 can be installed successfuly on Windows XP.
But when open the Display property page, I got an error “Invalid Display Settings” - "The currently selected display driver can not be used. It was written for a previous version of Windows, and is no longer compatible with this version of Windows. The system has been started using the default VGA driver.

I launched the cuda program devicequery and it cannot found C1060.

Does anybody has the experience of use Tesla with non-nvidia graphics card?

Using Tesla C1060 with non-NVIDIA graphic card should be okay with Linux, but not with Windows. Windows doesn’t support more than one display driver loaded at a time (well, XP in theory does, but I don’t remember anyone reporting success with this).

I tried to install a Vista, and it says “Incompatible display adapter has been disabled.”
“At least one display adapter on the system has been disabled because its driver is not compatible with the driver for the VGA adapter.”

I don’t have personal experience with this, but it seems that drivers for GeForce cards out of the same series or close enough can co-exist on Windows. XP and Vista are the same in that regard.

Windows 7 allows for completely unrelated videocards to have drivers loaded for them, making multi-GPU support a breeze.

XP does support more than one display driver. If you’re lucky. Years ago it was common to have a PCI GPU installed for multi-display support. Often people used the cheapest PCI cards they could find, though even then S3 cards (IIRC) and some others refused to co-operate with another installed GPU (boot conflicts).

Yes, in theory. Many people tried to make cards from NVIDIA and ATI work together, but I don’t remember anyone to report a success. I’ve tried it as well and was not able to do it, too.

Yes, They dont work together. I tried it even today morning… It was on XP. I had to disable ATI to get my TESLA working… (I use RealVNC if I need graphics otherwise I use puTTy (SSH server via Cygwin)). Thus, I dont need a monitor at all.

Just a quick update. I’ve just tried C1060 on machine with Intel integrated video and it works.
OS is WIndows XP Pro (32-bit), NVIDIA drier is 180.60.
Integrated video is driving display, Tesla is doing calculations. I had to ‘extend’ Windows desktop onto Tesla (yes, sounds strange) to make things work (without this Tesla is not available for CUDA).

Diss is absolutely great! Can you temme what is the Intel chispet that did this magic???

And yes, it is stupid that we had extend graphics to Tesla…

I think Tesla drivers must be separated out from graphics drivers once and for all. I just cant explain to my bosses why I need to extend desktop to Tesla which does NOT have a graphics output anyway…

It’s Intel G43.