Howto get Tesla C1060 + VGA card for the monitor running? Driver drives me crazy

Hi Cuda-experts,

I can’t get the Tesla cards (I borrowed from a colleague) running :-(
The C1060 user manual states: “The required software for the Tesla C1060 includes the CUDA
drivers, which should also serve as the driver for the NVIDIA discrete or on-board graphics processor.”
The problem is - the 186.30 driver doesn’t support the 8800GT or the FX5200PCI.
Installing the PC without a monitor (via remote desktop) doesn’t work either (as found later in the CUDA-FAQ).

Is the only solution to get the C1060 running to put a recent Nvidia Quatro card in the PC?


The hardware I got:

  • Mainboard with 2xPCIe16 and some PCI slots
  • 2x Tesla C1060
  • 1x 8800GT
  • several old PCI VGA cards (S3, Matrox, Nvidia)

I would like to run:

  • Folding@home for testing
  • Matlab/Jacket for work


Im new here but have you tried downloading the CUDA Driver from here:

Also uninstall the other driver. and install the CUDA Driver: NVIDIA Driver 190.38 with CUDA Support. It should run with your 8800gt. Good luck.

Thank you for the answer, but now I have ubuntu 9.04 running with VESA driver on the old nvidia card and headless mode on the two Teslas. And Cuda is running fine on the C1060s.