Which version of driver should I use for Tesla C1060

I just buy several Tesla C1060
the Tesla install CD contains the driver 174.28 and toolkit 2.0

and I also searched for drivers from nvidia’s web site
surprisingly, it also return the 174.28.

If I need to run CUDA 2.3, which driver should I use? just use the one for geforce? like 19x.x

You need a 190.x driver to use CUDA 2.3. At least on Linux, the Tesla uses the same unified driver as all the other contemporary NVIDIA cards. The current stable version for linux is 190.53, I believe.

We use 195.17 and cuda 3.0 beta in our system for S1070. It works well.

thank you,guys

another problem is which one is design for windows 2003?

i can only find the driver for win7 and winxp, both x86 and x64

2003 = WinXP.