Video card that works well with Tesla

I have a tesla 10 series C1060 card at my disposal.

I am going to install it tomorrow.

Any suggestions on driver version and the primary video card to use?

I dont want that 5-sec watchdog problem hitting me.


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I use a Quadro FX 570 card as primary video card and a Tesla C1060 to compute something.

178.8ver. display driver, CUDA 2.0, CUDA SDK 2.0 are installed and work well.



Thanks Jey!

Do you exerpience the 5 sec watchdog problem with the Tesla ?

I have a FX 4800 next to it. Never had a watchdog problem, but I’m under linux (with X11)

Thanks! I have CUDA 2.0 and I dont see FX 4800 listed in supported hardware section of the Readme.txt

May b, CUDA 2.1 beta does… This one has 180.6 driver and I think the watchdog problems were completely resolved with this driver.

Thanks for the update!

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Watchdog timer problems have been resolved since 178.13 or something like that. (FX 4800 should also be supported in any later 178 driver, since it’s just a GT200)

Thanks for the info!

I have a machine with two tesla cards and a GTX 280 on 64 bit Windows XP. It works fine, but the system often crashes giving “Blue Screen Error”…0c-4ac3311393ed

I am trying to upgrade some of the drivers to check if that resolves the problem.


CUDA 2.1 is released. So, Upgrade to 2.1 (driver, toolkit and SDK) and see if that helps!

ALso, see if a Windows SP solves the issue.

Good Luck!

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