Watchdog issue in XP professional with Tesla c1060,CUDA 2.0 and driver 181.22


I am using a Destroyer motherboard with 4 Tesla c1060 and a nForce 780a SLI.
nForce 780a is the primary display. I am running my code on Tesla only
(I can detect nForce780a as it has kernelExecTimeOut field set to 1 and thus donot
use it for running the code. Tesla have the kernelExecTimeOut field set to 0)

After 5 seconds, a blue screen flashes with message
A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to protect your computer.

       Problem seems to be caused by the following file : nvi_disp

the device driver got stuck in an infinite loop …"

and system is rebooted.

Is this the watchdog issue or something else ? :">