CUDA timeout

Why CUDA in WINDOWS XP go in timeout when i run a program that runs for more than 5 seconds? How can I fix this?

You cannot. Windows has a watchdog that thinks something has gone wrong when the GPU is busy for more than 5 sec. Getting a Tesla card will solve your problem. Or using linux without X-windows.

Or break your kernel up into shorter pieces. The timeout is only per-call.

That solution is too easy, I always advise very expensive/difficult solutions ;)
It is indeed also a possible solution (depending on the algorithm)

A card not driving a monitor in any OS (Win or linux) should not be affected by the watchdog.



I have two cards (NVS290 and GTX). The NVS is connected to two screens. No screen connected to the GTX. Nevertheless the GTX appears in Desktop->properties->Settings. Three displays are shown two belong to the NVS, the third one to the GTX. Disabling the GTX completely makes it unavailable to CUDA.

How can I tell windows not to use it for any display purposes so I get rid of my timeout?