Watchdog timeout error

I catch in my program cudaErrorLaunchTimeout, after search on the forum i understand that on my PC work watchdog and kernel don’t work more then 5 sec.

OS: Windows XP
VGA: GT 9500

I have some questions:

  1. How VGA work in games, i’m understand that in games no long execution task, but all game context in VGA don’t lose in contrast to CUDA kernel execution context. May be for watchdog can to execute something like yield()?
  2. May be Remote Desktop can help in my situation (if work over RDP watchdog sleep)? Or in Win XP watchdog work always?
  3. May be exists possibility to use not all MP on CUDA device?

P.S. I’m understand that very best way to solve this problem - install additional VGA to PC, that will use only computing on CUDA. Where i can to read about configuration 2 VGA in that case?