Tesla C1060 with Ge Force FX 5500 DELL precision 490

Hi All,

I bought a NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPU card and Geforce FX 5500 (PCI) card. I downloaded 178.X file from NVIDIA web pages and installed as per installation guide. But the driver for FX 5500 is not installed. so, I installed driver from the CD provided along with FX 5500(PCI only) board. After Installing I am unable to see anything after windows bootup. we are able to access the system using remote desktop. I felt that display drivers giving conflict. In device manager there is no device conflicts.

Kindly let us know how to install Tesla C1060 along with Geforce FX 5500 (PCI) card and exact drivers for it for the following system.

DELL precision 490,
Windows XP (32-bit) professional .

Note:Tesla compatibility “Page Not Found | NVIDIA” doesn’t have DELL Precision 490 system.

Please help ASAP.


I’m afraid that this is an unsupported configuration. The display driver which supports a GeForce FX 5500 does not have support for the C1060 (and vice-versa). You’re not going to be able to use both GPUs in the same system with the NVIDIA display driver (and therefore the CUDA driver).

Dear Netllama,

Can you please tell me supportive PCI VGA cards to operate C1060 on DELL Precision 490.



I have the same trouble.
It seems that Tesla C1060 is not compatible with Dell Precision T3400.
So I put C1060 on a Dell Precision 470, but 470 only has one PCI-E x16, the space of another PCI-E x8 slot is taken by C1060.
So only one PCI slot is left, then I have to use a PCI-X graphics card.
I tried NVS 400 PCI and NVS 280 PCI.
But the drivers are conflict. The NVS 400/280 PCI need 176.15 quadro drvier, while C1060 need 178.24 geforce driver.
Only the device that driver is installed later can work correctly.

I want to know which series of graphics card has the best compatiblity with C1060, Quadro or geforce?
How to avoid the driver conflict problem?
If my computer has only one PCI-X slot left, which kind of chipset of graphics card can be work properly with C1060.
Now it is easy to buy the PCI graphics card that use geforce FX5200/FX5500.
But I don’t know whether it can work with C1060, or it cann’t just like NVS280/400.

I tested C1060 on a Dell Precision T5400 with a Quadro FX1700. C1060 and FX1700 can use the same version of drver 178.24, and it works.
But his T5400 does not belong to me. I have to figure out how to make C1060 work on Dell Precision T3400 or Dell Precision 470.

There are some PCI GeForce 8-series cards out there (eg Sparkle 8500GT).

Easiest thing might be to just buy a GTX280 and use it instead of the C1060.

In their latest drivers, nVidia has dropped support for all cards in the GeForce FX series and older. You can see the full list of supported cards here (v177.73).

I’ve run into the same problem using a GeForce FX 5200 (PCI) with two Tesla C1060s (2 PCIEx16). The XP installation blacked out like for dittakavi. Vista and Server2008 will work fine using vgasave. In Ubuntu 8.04, I can workaround the problem by editing the xorg.conf file to use different drivers for different devices. But that’s out of scope in this thread.

As for good compatible PCI graphics cards - Here is a link to what alex_dubinsky mentioned. For a budget buy there are this and this.