Help with Tesla C2050 and GeForce GTX560 config Tesla won't run with GeForce card present

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I am running a Core i7 system dual boot between Windows XP 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit and am having trouble with configuring my Tesla C2050 along with a GeForce GTX560 Ti(or ANY nVidia card). I am also running 3 displays with this configuration (so ALL video outputs have to work).

My problem is that once everything is in and running, CUDA enabled software (almost ANY software save benchmarking and monitoring) will not run on the Tesla but will instead run on the GeForce card only. If I pull the Geforce card out and replace it with an ATI Radeon, the Tesla runs just fine. Is there any way (maybe a registry tweak?) to force the CUDA software to run on the Tesla by default (or ideally on both the Tesla AND the GeForce cards simultaneously?)

The Tesla installation manual says that nVidia graphics drivers must be uninstalled before installing the Tesla, which I did. Install Tesla driver, then graphics driver. Tesla won’t run. Then I read a tech note saying that the Tesla drivers must be installed after/over the graphics drivers. Did that. All the displays work fine. Tesla won’t run. Pulled OUT the GeForce card, installed an old ATI Radeon X1950 card, Tesla runs fine. This is happening regardless of which OS I am running.

I can’t find anything on the net about this problem (I can’t be the only one?)


Brief hardware rundown:
Asus P6T SE motherboard, Core i7 980X Gulftown CPU water cooled at 3.6 GHz, 9GB ram at 1400MHz, SSD with Win XP and Win 7, GeForce GTX560 Ti, Tesla C2050, 3 Dell 2007FP monitors, 750W power supply

If you are running the graphics also from the Tesla, then it can’t run in tcc mode, but that is irrelevant to the point.

Try running device query from the SDK. What probably happens is that the GeForce is getting device ID 0 and the Tesla device ID 1 (strange, as I usually see the opposite). In such a case you need to set your software explicitly to use device 1 (or whatever device ID the Tesla gets) rather than the default (device 0). This has to be done in the software, so you either have to program it into the code when creating the context, or if it’s software someone else wrote, you need to check the documentation to see if it’s possible to choose the device it’s running on.

Using multiple devices has to be done manually in the code by the programmer and can’t be done automatically by the driver.