No CUDA device found for mulitple teslas under XP


My employer has a supermicro 1U rack with two Tesla M1060’s in it.

I can’t run any cuda applications as it can’t find any device, despite the drivers being installed and looking healthy in device manager. I saw someone else had a similar problem but the response was not clear.

Is it impossible to run this kind of system (2 Tesla GPU and 1 Matrox gpu for video out) under windows XP?

If so, will it work under newer versions of windows, e.g. Vista or 7?

There seems to be a surprising scarcity of information on this topic if it is indeed not possible under windows.

Thanks for any advice

In fact there is an abundance of information on this topic on the forum. XP will not load more than 1 display driver. So you should replace the Matrox card by an nvidia one, or install linux or a later version of windows. There is also a new driver for Tesla in the making to circumvent the WDDM-caused performance penalties on Vista/7 that are currently hitting people.

Thanks a great deal

Indeed we got a reply from supermicro saying the same thing.

Perhaps my searching skills are lacklustre then, as I couldn’t find much. I also found an NVidia employee saying that XP could handle multiple drivers and it was Vista where the problem was.

Anyway, thanks again