Video Encode and Decode GPU Support Matrix


Would you please teach me whether NVIDIA gpu supports the AV1 enc/dec or not?

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I think you should update Video Encode and Decode GPU Support Matrix.(GTX 1650 SUPER etc.)


Are there any constraints on using NVENC on laptops (on the Max-Q series cards)?

@TomK Could you add the Tesla A100 to the Decode matrix?

@EwoutH I have sent a request to the team to have this added to the matrix. I don’t have an ETA for this at the moment, but will update the thread when this info is available.



There is no PCIe card version of A100 at this time, we only list available GPUs, and right now Ampere is only in the DGX A100 and EGX A100. Once the PCIe card is announced, we will add it to the matrix.

the performance numbers are highlighted in the whitepaper


I was wondering, in this table, we see the 1650 doesn’t support HEVC B-Frames because the GPU runs on Turing but the encoding runs on Volta.

What about the 1650 Super? It looks like on the product page the encoding is running on Turing for the 1650 Super. Does this mean the HEVC B-Frame is supported on the 1650 Super? If so, it might be interesting to add this card in the table.

I’m not a pro so i’m not sure of all that, but it’s just supposition on what I read.

Tell me if I’m right about the 1650 Super!


Can you just confirm that NVENC is same for Turing and Ampere? Is there any performance or quality or functional improvment in Ampere?

Do we have an update to the support matrix page for Ampere cards (like RTX 3080)?

I recall reading about their support to AV1 codec, but the current support matrix says nothing about either Ampere or AV1.

@TomK Could you add the Nvidia A100 (there is now a PCIe version), the GeForce RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090?

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