Video Encode and Decode GPU Support Matrix

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All supported formats are listed in the matrix, so 4:2:2 is not nativley supported. Since there is considerable difference between 4:4:4 (uncompressed) and 4:2:2 you should not assume inclusion here.

Hope that helps.

Could the RTX 40 series GPUs and the L40 GPU be added to the matrix?

Why the RTX 40 Ada Lovelace lineup lacks support for 4:2:2 HEVC formats? Please clarify, as to why we are expected to rely on Intel’s iGPU (Quicksync) for decoding these codecs when NVIDIA’s own dGPU is not equipped to do so. Failures to support the latest codecs from NVIDIA’s end force us to narrow our choices in the CPU department. How long do I have to continue buying outdated 10nm++++ Intel CPUs?

Also, the 3080Ti Mobile GPU is incorrectly labelled as ‘GA106’ when it is actually GA103S, so may please amend the corrections.