Video viewer webrtc stream get freeze

I’m building an AI server that runs on an NX Orin. But when I ran video-viewer with a file as an input and webrtc output with this command

./aarch64/bin/video-viewer file:///home/aiserver/Software/cc/videos/traffic.mp4 webrtc://@:8686/output --headless

The stream appears to be glitching and freezing, especially after a long time ( like after a minute).

What do you think is the reason for this delay and is there any way I can debug or solve this issue? (I always want to get the latest frame possible with perhaps a lower bitrate/image quality)

I posted this issue on github and no one responded.

Please run $ sudo nvpmodel -m 0 and $ sudo jetson_clocks to run the system in maximum performance. See if there is performance improvement.

And you can run $ sudo tegrastats to get system loading. To clarify which hardware engine can be performance bottleneck.

Hi @manh.ntm3, sorry that I missed your GitHub Issue earlier - I’ve responded there since you posted more info there including the terminal log. In the meantime, I would also try @DaneLLL’s to rule out any performance issue with the core clock frequencies.

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