Videofeed from deepstream

Is there a way to only get videofeed from multiple sources with deepstream? i dont want to do any inference? I just want the frame metadata such as frameid and source id etc.

We can run this case. Please check source8_1080p_dec_infer-resnet_tracker_tiled_display_fp16_nano.txt. You may disable [primary-gie], [tracker], [osd] and try.

How can I disable it? And does it support multiples rtsp sources? Thanks
And what app shall I use it with? How can I use it in python??

The reference application is deepstream-app. Please take a look at DeepStream Development Guide.

For python, you would need to check the reference apps in

And do customization to eliminate nvinfer, nvtracker, nvdsosd plugins.

thanks @DaneLLL . but could you please give me an example that how can i disable nvinfer, nvtracker and nvosd in python?

can I simply comment the following lines to disable nvinfer

this example has no tracker

and can I comment the following lines to disable nvdsosd? plus what is the use of nvdsosd?

Or you can run gst-launch-1.0 like:

If you don’t need to run deep learning inference, you may not need to use plugins in DeepStream SDK. Can refer to

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@DaneLLL I want to disable inference in this python app? how can I do that?how can i disable nvinfer becauase the pgie object created is used in other places as well.

There is no existing patch. you need to check the source code and do customization. Remove pgie and link streammux to nvvidconv1 directly.