Visual studio cross platform remote connection to NGC container


Generally, I have a CMake based project written in C++ which developed using the Visual Studio 2019 IDE.
The VS IDE is running on a laptop under Windows 10.

Using the CMakeSettings.json configuration I have the ability to declare several setups which I’m interest to run my project execution file.

I declare my laptop as first setup and also a remote desktop with Linux Ubuntu 18.04.

Both setups are working well after I installed all required CUDA tools.

Now I’m interesting to declare a new setup which shall be a docker container that I downloaded its image from NGC.
I installed a CMake and GCC inside the container and commit to new image.

The questions are:

  • How shall I run the image in order to create a new container which will be accessible by my remote laptop?

  • Which CMake settings are required in order to connect from my remote laptop to the new container and not to the Host Linux?