VisionWorks and OpenCV docker

Hi all,
I need to port the application to docker and it makes use of VisionWorks and VisionWorks Cuda and openCV… when I create the docker these libraries are not there, while cuda is there … I used this guide to create the container

using this image:

My hardware/software configuration is:

Board: Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX
JetPack: 4.4.1
L4t: 32.4.4

I wanted to ask how I can install the libraries that I normally install with JetPack when I flash the nvidia board.
As I understand this image creates the base to use the GPU and the base system but does not add all the libraries.

My question is I have to install them manually? for example on the board I installed manually OpenCV 4.3.0 compiled with CUDA following a TOPIC FORUM , the same I have to do for docker?


Playing with an image-based container, most of the commands with git, unzip etc. are not installed