VMware vGPU Early Access Program

We are excited to announce the Early Access application for NVIDIAs vGPU with VMware’s vSphere.

The form details the information needed to apply so please provide as much information as possible to help NVIDIA and VMware choose you!

Use this link to apply, if you are a partner or vendor please have the customer apply and include you in their application:

It is very disappointing that it is such a pain to gain Access as a Nvidia/VMware/Citrix Partner, we can not evaluate the solution.

Same goes for Driver for XenServer.org Build

Customers want demonstrations and not sign up to be selected by Chance.

very disappointing.


Sven, reached out to you via private message to make sure your company had applied for access, please respond with details.

Same for me,
I have a customer which would like to test with vgpu on vsphere with horizon view.
I applied for this customer but don’t hear anything.