Volta Tensor Core GPU Achieves New AI Performance Milestones

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/tensor-core-ai-performance-milestones/

Artificial intelligence powered by deep learning now solves challenges once thought impossible, such as computers understanding and conversing in natural speech and autonomous driving. Inspired by the effectiveness of deep learning to solve a great many challenges, the exponentially growing complexity of algorithms has resulted in a voracious appetite for faster computing. NVIDIA designed the…

Too fast. I'm starting to feel "lacking" with my quadro k420.

Can you share the resnet50 settings you used please so I can compare on my V100s?

Which version of Tensorflow we can use to reproduce this performance?

Hi All,

I have some Query regarding GPU Utility
1. what is GPU Utility.
2.what are the feature and benefits of GPU Utility.
3.How can we configure in our environments.
4.how we monitor user_login,GPU_POWER consuming,GPU core clock speed.

Please i need in depth understanding in above points.

It will be great if you could share the implementation as well as settings since the Nvidia guide only reports 660 img/sec: https://docs.nvidia.com/dee...

Is the Data Augmentation Library available for download?

Why would I want anything to do with clouds?
Clouds are the biggest scam since carbon tax

Hi, When will these great optimization be included in CUDNN etc. and included in the standard Tensorflow package? Appreciate and Thanks!

How can I replicate the "Time to Train Facebook’s Fairseq" data on DGX-2 system?

Loved the post! Thanks so much.

we created a graph optimization pass in MXNet to detect consecutive ADD and ReLu layers, replacing them with a fused implementation whenever possible.

Any plans implementing fused kernels for Pytorch and Tensorflow in the near future?