Wake from sleep freezes with 460 driver

My system freezes up when woken from sleep. This behaviour happens with the 460 drivers and not with the 450 drivers. I have a laptop with an intel i7 and nvidia M1000M and have tested both with prime offloading enabled and disabled. When waking the screen remains black for around 1/2 minutes after which I can see the login screen, but it is entirely frozen and a forced restart is required.

Here are my nvidia bug reports with the two different drivers, and the system log around the time that it crashed on wakeup.
nvidia-bug-report-450.log.gz (396.2 KB)
nvidia-bug-report-460.log.gz (403.2 KB)
syslog.txt (96.2 KB)

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Display engine push buffer channel allocation failed: 0x65

Seems to be a common bug with the 460 drivers, like

Thanks, indeed that issue seems related, especially the behaviour observed by chris.bainbridge. I it is possible to mark my report as duplicate? Marking the question as answered doesn’t sound right, after all it is still unclear how to fix it.