WARNING occurs when plugin/out HDMI in OrinNX

Hi @shinichiro.adachi ,

Yes, I can help you check this issue. But just a reminder, fixing this on our side may not fix any case on yours if your usecase is not same.

This is identical situation I saw when I first posted this POST.

Also another reminder, none of the log from you ever proved they are same issue…
I already explained this multiple times. Hope you really understand it.

We will try to replicate the issue and check further. The timing looks tricky. As a solution, you can connect the cable when the system is in recovery mode before flashing.

@WayneWWW @DaneLLL
We have encountered the same problem in some bad quality monitors (but the monitor manufacturers don’t recognize the bad quality), and it is easy to have a crash problem due to this issue, which eventually triggers the watchdog and causes the system to reboot. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

@baozhu.zuo we are still doing internal check for this issue.

Btw, what is your scenario to trigger this case? I mean does it just got triggered after doing hotplug or it needs specific timing to trigger( e.g. shutdown/reboot/suspend)?

@WayneWWW It’s easier to reproduce by not plugging in HDMI during startup, and plugging in HDMI after startup, but it’s not 100%. The following steps remain the most effective if reproduction is to be stabilized. The kernel error log is the same as this one when we have an exception.

Hi @baozhu.zuo

Just to clarify. That method does not need a bad quality monitor to reproduce.

I just need to know what is your situation to reproduce issue with bad quality monitor. You don’t need to tell me how other people reproduce this situation. I only need to know your case.

So your case is just hotplug the monitor after boot up? I mean even after you configure the user account?

@WayneWWW Yes, after configuring the user. Power up is without HDMI plugged in, about 2 minutes after power up with HDMI plugged in.