Wgl cannot detect nvidia device with DCH driver


We noticed that with DCH type driver, our application stops working when launched via ssh, the target system which our application runs is windows 10 LTSC and has openssh server running. With some investigation we narrowed it down to the issue that with DCH type driver , the nvidia card is no longer detected as the renderer/vendor when checked via ssh. We tested this with wglinfo.exe application and multiple versions of nvidia drivers.

The targeting system has gtx2080ti and win10 LTSC , we also tested on another system with rtx3070. The system has wglinfo.exe in its path. We remote into this system via ssh and executed wglinfo.exe

With 472.84 standard driver , wglinfo utility successfully detected “NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti/PCIe/SSE2” as the opengl renderer.
With 472.84 DCH driver though, it can only detect “GDI Generic” as the opengl renderer

We would like to know the reason of this difference. Is there someway to make it possible to also detect the nvidia as opengl renderer through ssh even with DCH type driver which we would have to use later since after 472.84, DCH driver is the only option left.


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