Open source driver does not support GTX1050ti where closed source driver at same version does

I would like to transition from the closed source driver to the recently released nvidia open source driver.
I installled the package for my operating system (arch linux) and the driver versions are the same
nvidia-dkms version 515.43.04
nvidia-open-dkms version 515.43.04
When I have the open driver installed I get an error that The NVIDIA GPU installed in this system is not supported by the NVIDIA 515.43.04 driver release.
But I have no issue when the nvidia-dkms (closed source) driver is installed

Pretty simple, as the release notes pretty clearly state your card isn’t supported by the open drivers. You need a Turing or newer card to use them.

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I am glad it is so simple for you as firstly I was not sure where to find the release notes. Secondly Turing means nothing to me I would then need to find out how card generations work and try to then match this to my card.
Thank you for confirming for me however, that my card is not supported.