I am having a problem with wglJoinSwapGroupNV. When set my app to join a swap group (group 1), I get the application to hang. The application is hanging on the swap buffer. I do the join swap group after I have created the window, and have valid hdc. I have demo app that uses wglJoinSwapGroupNV, and it seems to run fine. Right now I am creating between 1-3 windows each with 1 OpenGL context, it does not seem to matter if I use 1 or 3 windows, same result.

I am using this on a machine with 2 Quadro K5000 and a sync board.

If any one has any ideas on what could cause the application to hang on the swap buffer, it would be appreciated.

I’m having the same issue running my opengl application with three K6000 cards + quadro sync. There are three fullscreen windows on three monitors, each with its own opengl context. Behavior is the same you have described. I’m using GLFW 3.0.4 to create windows, my system is Windows Server 2012 R2 (64bit), R380.84 driver.

Please, have you found solution for to this problem?