GLFW vsync / swapbuffer related nvoglv64 crash

Developing for GLFW and I switched from a monitor to a TV, the TV has a very noticeable display latency. The crash has never happened when using a monitor. My app crashes from nvoglv64.dll access violation reading location -1.
GTX1070 driver version

It happens with glfwSwapBuffers enabled inconsistently. It happens approximately on the 17th frame, if it doesnt occur soon then it doesn’t occur at all, it happens about 1/3 of every launch.
Vsync glfwSwapInterval(1) causes the crash to happen more often than glfwSwapInterval(0), glfwSwapInterval(2) makes the crash very rare.

I have commented out all my rendering code in loop other than swapbuffer and it still happens.
It does not happen when I don’t call my timer. The timer uses std::sleep_for and attempts to maintain a framerate of 30fps, matching that of the display. The timer is invoked after swapbuffer.

nvoglv64.dll!00000000756ba7af() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000757138f4() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!0000000075715881() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!0000000075718d8c() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000757aa21e() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000757a7786() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000757aa564() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000757a9837() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000757aaa6b() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000757c1ea0() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000756575ce() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000757838e2() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!0000000075743df2() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000757634f7() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000007576309c() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!0000000075668816() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!0000000075668985() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000007566876e() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!0000000075668266() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000007565159c() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000007566aa0a() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000753e8dc1() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000753e8c20() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000007565c8db() Unknown
kernel32.dll!00007ffa4e9b3034() Unknown
ntdll.dll!00007ffa4f993691() Unknown