What are some good budget options for NICs and Switch?

I have a limited budget, and I want to buy a high speed network interface cards and a switch to connect multiple PCs into a local network (just a couple of meters away from one another) for HPC research.

Some of the key points for me are:

  • It should be compatible with Windows
  • Speed preferably 56 gigabit
  • Needs to be able to sustain a 100% load at all times
  • Non-managed Switch
  • No SFP(+) uplinks

Taking all of that into account what models should I look to buy? Perhaps some older models from a couple of years ago?

What are some caveats in building a system like that that I should consider?

What should I expect in terms of latency?

Hi Kirill,

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Please use the following link to inquire about your needs and what Mellanox products are suitable for your request. The link is https://mellanox.force.com/inquiry. https://mellanox.force.com/inquiry

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