What compiler option to use for RTX2080Ti?

Absolute CUDA novice and lapsed (20yrs) PGI user here.
I’ve been given code to compile that previously was compiled using CUDA9. We now have a new GPU PC with an RTX2080Ti. Reading the release notes PGI 19.4 has CUDA Fortran support for the Turing architecture and so does Cuda10. So I suppose -Mcuda=10.1 is needed. But is -ta=tesla still the correct switch?

Hi domuhe,

So I suppose -Mcuda=10.1 is needed.

The compiler should auto-detect what CUDA driver version you’re using and match the CUDA version used to that of the driver. So using -Mcuda=cuda10.1 may be unnecessary, but doesn’t hurt.

But is -ta=tesla still the correct switch?

-ta=tesla enables OpenACC so isn’t needed for use with CUDA Fortran. For Turing, the architecture flag would be “-Mcuda=cc75”.

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Thank you for responding. I am only still confused as to whether I can use OpenACC with a Turing architecture GPU. IF so, what switch would be correct?


For CUDA Fortran, use “-Mcuda=cc75”,
For OpenACC use “-ta=tesla:cc75”.

“cc75” stands for Compute Capability (CC) 7.5, also known as the Turning architecture.

Note, for a complete list of sub-options to either flag, run “pgfortran -help -ta -Mcuda”, from the command line.

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Thank you!