What happened to cudaSafeCall in v5.0?

Installed v5.0 SDK and now I can’t find cudaSafeCall

It was in cutil_inline.h (4.2), but I can’t find that either.

What happened to it, and how do I call it now?

So is there no Nvidia support here?

cutil was a local helper library designed to keep the SDK examples tidy and tight, so as not to distract from the essence of each example. It was never a supported library, and the message from NVIDIA has been consistent that nobody should use this library in their own code. cutil was removed in CUDA 5.0.

In the CUDA Samples NVIDIA is providing a macro for checking the error. This macro is more flexible in case of any error, ie we can specify the exit condition in case of an error which was not possible for a cutil function.

// Error handling macro
#define CUDA_CHECK(call) 
    if((call) != cudaSuccess) { 
        cudaError_t err = cudaGetLastError(); 
        cerr << "CUDA error calling ""#call"", code is " << err << endl; 
        my_abort(err); }

void my_abort(int err)
    cout << "Test FAILED