Looking for libcutil

It seems that in old versions of SDK there was a file named libcutil_x86_64.a (or libcutil.a) which I can not find it in neither cuda-10.1 not SDK-10.1.

$ find /usr/local/cuda-10.1/ -name *libcutil*

Is it replaced by another file or so?

This is from vague memory: In early versions of CUDA, in order to simplify the code of the CUDA sample apps and be better able to focus reader’s attention on the relevant parts of each, cutil was used: a collection of convenient helper functions.

NVIDIA was very clear that: (1) This is not part of the CUDA deliverables (2) This could be modified or disappear at any time (3) It should therefore not be use in any user projects.

And then cutil disappeared, with CUDA 5.0 I think.