Where is cutil_inline.h in ver 4?

I am trying to run my CUDA code with the new 4 version, but there is no cutil_inline.h so it does not compile? I think I donwloaded all ver 4 files from http://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-toolkit-40 (win 7). Where is cutil_inline.h? Also cannot find cutil_math.h which was in older version. What has happened, or did I not download all files? Must be somekind of simple error by me…

How to fix line:

#includa <cutil_inline.h>

Is this latest CUDA 4 totally different than CUDA 4 beta and version 3? The structures are totally new? Where are all the cutil-files?


The cutil headers exist in the SDK, not the toolkit.

Ok thank, I see (they used to be on same download page previously I think). I will try find the SDK… a bit confusing - cannot easily find it. But it seems to me that I can use the Jan 2011 version which I downloaded earlier.