ld: cannot find -lcutil(have make cuda sdk)

First, I have install cuda sdk 3.2 and make.
Then I can find “/opt/cuda3.2/cuda/sdk/C/lib/libcutil_x86_64.a”

I have
export CUDA_INSTALL_PATH=/opt/cuda3.2/cuda
export CUDA_SDK_PATH=/opt/cuda3.2/cuda/sdk
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/cuda3.2/cuda/lib:/opt/cuda3.2/cuda/lib64
export PATH="/opt/cuda3.2/cuda/bin:$PATH

but when I make a cuda project, it still shown error as below
“/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lcutil”

I answer the question of Myself…

because the project is based on cuda sdk 32bit
but my system is 64bit and i install cuda sdk 64bit

the key point is ! libcutil in sdk(32bit) and sdk(64bit) have different name
in sdk(32bit) it named libcutil.a; but in sdk(64bit) it named as libcutil_x86_64.a

so,the solution of my question is:

cp /opt/cuda3.2/cuda/sdk/C/lib/libcutil_x86_64.a /opt/cuda3.2/cuda/sdk/C/lib/libcutil.a