cannot find -lcutil

I keep getting “cannot find -lcutil” while compiling. I am using Cuda Drv 174.55, SDK & TK 1.1 on Linux Redat 4.3. Any help please.

As has been discussed in several other forum threads, cutil is part of the SDK. You must build the SDK to get As you didn’t state what it is you’re unable to compile or how you’re trying to compile it, I can’t really comment further.

There should be libcutil.a under


I think your code was compiling well but cant linked with cutil lib.

Under the NVIDIA_CUDA_SDK/lib/ the liib exist, Try including the path in LD_LIBRARY_PATH

I used Redhat 4.3 and it works fine

Build the SDK project examples.


b. Build:

    - release    configuration by typing "make".

    - debug      configuration by typing "make dbg=1".

    - emurelease configuration by typing "make emu=1".

    - emudebug   configuration by typing "make emu=1 dbg=1".

Running make at the top level first builds libcutil, a utility library used

by the SDK examples (libcutil is simply for convenience -- it is not a part

of CUDA and is not required for your own CUDA programs).  Make then builds

each of the projects in the SDK.