What is cuda engine graph reported in Windows Task Manager?

What is the data shown under the cuda engine graph in windows task manager? Is it the % utilization of the cuda cores of the gpu?

I assume you are referring to the 38% displayed for GPU1 in the left lower corner.

That percentage number does not seem to correspond to any performance metric I have considered. For example, right now I have a GPU that is 100% occupied with work, yet the Windows task manager performance view shows it at 64% to 65%. Of what, I wonder.

Have you tried digging into the official Microsoft documentation for an explanation of this percentage value? Ancient programmer wisdom says: “If all else fails, read the documentation”.


I spent some more time playing around with the performance view, and it seems the percentage displayed in the left lower corner is always the same percentage that is displayed for the “Copy engine”, whatever that is. Except the number doesn’t make any sense. It does not seem to correspond to either percentage of GPU memory bandwidth used nor the percentage of PCIe bandwidth used. So I am afraid I am no more knowledgeable about this mysterious percentage than before.