What is the lifecycle status for these parts (900-13701-0040-000)(900-13701-0050-000)

What is the lifecycle status for these parts (900-13701-0040-000)(900-13701-0050-000)
They are not found through website, so can both of them considered as Active parts or something?

For Orin module, please refer to Jetson Product Lifecycle | NVIDIA Developer

I will forward to internal team to update Orin part number info on the Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

So, can I consider that both parts are Active until doing update on your website

So , both parts can be considered as Active and can be ordered?

Please confirm if both parts are active ?

No sure what “Active” means, they can be phurchase from distributors.
While distributors may not have inventory for e-tail orders from their websites, you should contact them to share your forecast. We continue to crank these modules out, and distributors will work with you on lead time and take your Purchase Order.


I would like to know that Active means they are in production and they can placed order from NVIDIA
So, both parts are available for order through NVIDIA?


See Buy the Latest Jetson Products | NVIDIA Developer, or contact with our distributors to place your order.

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