What is the meaning of ids = ">=3668-0001-000"?

Dear sir:
In some dtsi file, i can see the dtsi as the following. Where is the ids from?
fragement-tegra-sdhci-sd-dis {
ids = “>=3668-0001-000”;

		override@0 {
			target = <0xc5>;

			_overlay_ {
				status = "disabled";

This kind of module (3668-0001) is the emmc module.

This line means when the board is detected as emmc module, then the device tree should disable the sdcard slot which is for sdcard module.

You should not worry about this unless your module has something wrong (mostly eeprom corrupted)

Dear sir:
Where is the define ( 3668-0001 is the emmc module)? Where is the ids from?

Defined in the eeprom. Such id is NV internal use only.

OK, the last question:

What is the meaning of “>=”?

Basically, any number that is larger than this ids will be included as “>=”. For example, 3668-0002-xxx.

OK , tks!

How can i find out the value of my board’s ids?

I don’t have a board right now but the path to tell the board ids should be something like below.

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